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Well, I had started “getting my healthy on” at the beginning of the year and had a couple of setbacks so here it is the middle of February.

I went on an overnight trip this past weekend and to top it off, I went with one of the most health conscious women I know ūüôā ¬†So I knew sweet tea was out, and eating as I wanted was out!

God blessed me with going on the trip with a friend that kept me accountable, and the will-power to do it all the right way.  Celeste is an amazing Christian friend so her accountability with me is more than just healthy.  I love her asking about prayer life, and Bible Study and she is an incredible mentor also.  Her knowledge in the Bible is just incredible


Before I left, I bought lemons, limes, strawberries, blackberries, oranges, cucumber and grapes.  I sliced them all up and prepared them in freezer bags and froze them the night before.  For infused water and quick, reach in snacks.

I also made ready,  snack bags, with single servings of goldfish, vanilla wafers, and then had some chewy 90 cal oatmeal bars and them some filler club and jalapeno cheese crackers,  I was going to be equipped to eat right!  Not to buy anything and to eat/drink healthy

We left Friday before lunch and that was a little different, because my husband made my lunch and so I had a typical ham sandwich and a bag of chili cheese fritos.  I had already gotten my tea for the day so I was working on that and strawberry/blackberry infused water.

Had he put mustard instead of mayo, it would have been a pretty decent lunch.  We drove all the way to Austin without stopping to eat.  Just had a little snack of about ten wafers.

When we got checked in, we went out to Applebee’s, ¬†My friend only eats fish so she decided that their fish plate (*only fish they have, which surprised me). ¬†I opted to the Asian Pineapple Burger and this was my huge splurge for the weekend. ¬†When I looked it up after the fact, I knew I couldn’t eat one again. ¬†So there is another thing that I have to quit eating. (they are my go to pick¬†when we go to Applebee’s).

So we are back at the hotel and I went down to the hot-tub (*and I forgot my swimsuit) so I am in my pants and rolled them up, and started breaking out in hives from the heat of the hot-tub LOL.   I thought, geez, what else?  So I went on to the fitness center.  I was able to walk 5 minutes at the speed of 2 and on a 10% grade.

WOOHOO,  Go me!  I thought, about what an accomplishment this was for me, because of being in a wheelchair so much.  I was so proud of myself.  What an accomplishment that was for me?  

God was so good!

So the next morning we got up and had the continental breakfast and it was actually really great, oatmeal, yogurt and juice, great breakfast, great numbers.

We went back to the room and knew that I had a 4 hour drive after the concert that night so I took a good nap and rested really well. ¬†Then we checked out and went and were looking for Jason’s Deli or McAlisters and ended up at Luby’s. ¬†

I was able to get the Senior LuAnn Plate of baked white fish, steamed veggies and then split carrot and raisin salad and coleslaw.  My numbers for that meal were fantastic and I was very proud of myself for eating very healthy.

I kept my Fitbit on for the weekend and apparently I either cleared it at one point or wasn’t wearing it in a good place, because I didn’t have the total number of steps. ¬†I am still trying to find the numbers for the weekend; ¬†Pacer didn’t keep it either. ¬†That was very disappointing for me. ¬†We went to the state capitol building and then the church was gynormous, so even rolling in my chair, I know I did a lot. ¬†I know on Saturday I walked over 5000 steps though and that is my goal, so I reached my steps goal once

I had drunk orange and cucumber infused water all day so far, so I filled that up with ice and new fruit and fresh water and all together for the short 30 hr trip, I think I drank about 180 ozs of water, so the infused water is working wonders for me.

You can infuse it with anything like, lemons, limes, cucumbers, strawberries, blackberries, oranges, or whatever you might want and then mix and match as you will. ¬†The one that was the best so far has been the strawberry and blackberries. It was so easy to prepare ahead of time also, just get them ready to eat and run them through the colander to clean them. ¬†Get your Ziploc bags ready and just put them in it, if they have water in it, that’s okay because that’s just extra ice for you.¬†


I bought a great water bottle that has an infuser in it for less than 6$ at Wal-Mart. ¬†I love the bottle for what it does, however, I need an insulated one, because I love water ice-cold and this bottle doesn’t hold ice (*that’s just one of the reasons why the frozen fruit was a blessing)


I packed my cooler of fruits and my cooler of water bottles and I was ready¬†for the weekend as far as fruit and water goes.¬†A blessing I have is that fresh fruit and fruit juices, do not make my blood sugar go up. ¬†I didn’t add anything extra to the fruit either, just plain, fresh fruit!

Okay after the concert we were starving so we popped into McDonald’s and I got McChicken plain and dry and put honey mustard on it. ¬†This meal was the one that surprised me the most. ¬†The numbers on it, were actually half way decent except for the sodium (I knew that going into the meal though) So all in all, it was a great weekend for my diet, my blood sugar and steps. ¬†Every blood sugar has been under 250 and for me that was a new goal met!!!

I was really pleased with my “food” behavior this weekend. ¬†Something that I am not normally good at. ¬†Especially when traveling,, I usually tend to eat what I want when I am traveling. ¬†

I met some goals, I surpassed some goals and I failed some goals through accountability, prayers and giving the entire weekend to God before I left made this a very healthy weekend for ME based on my normal way of life.  

Thanks to Faithful Finish Lines for letting me have the membership that I do to their program for a limited time in return for blogging my experience.





2 Responses

  1. Sara, don’t get this one, it does not hold ice at all. I.m looking for a much better one now!


  2. Fantastic job eating healthy while on the road! That’s one of the toughest times of all. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful tips and ideas with us on your blog,too. I need to get one of those water bottles!


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