Righting a Wrong – Book Review


Righting a Wrong
By Rachael Anderson
Cambri Blaine makes her way home after 6 years of running.
Her mother had passed away and she ran from memories of her mother and from her best friend.
After her father, Harvey Blaine had a heart attack, she ended back up at Bridger. Back home to a father that was very angry with her leaving, angry that her mother died, angry about his heart attack. So angry that he just destroyed her mom’s beautiful garden and yard. So angry that he made barbs at her as she entered the door and make her very aware that he was hurt by her being gone for 6 years. Angry that he missed her and very scared to show her.
Jace Sutton, stuck in Bridger, their hometown, because of family circumstances. Being in Bridger, Jace was face to face with his own memories of failed love, and a friend’s betrayal.
Cambri and Jace were best friends growing up, however, they both avoided their feelings for each other.
Cambri would be in Bridger for a while s running into Jace was a given. When she finally did, old feelings came rushing back, but she dare not say anything.
Cambri, determined to help her father while she was there. Since she was a landscape artist by trade, she was also determined to rebuild her mother’s yard back to its former glory.
In doing so, she then realized that Jace owned the store and would have to be seeing him .
However, Jace made other plans and decided to help her. Just like he had helped Harvey while she was gone.
So was it destiny, was it the will of Jace wanting to be around her, or just Jace feeling sorry for her, that made him spend the week, helping her with her mother’s yard?
During this time of taking care of her dad, she also came to realize that she was wrong all those years ago. She loved Jace.
After several weeks of avoiding the past with Jace, it was truly a ripple effect of, her father, Jace’s Grandfather, Jace’s sister Lydia, fate, life, and every feeling she ever had that complicated life so much before came surfacing back.
On the weekend before she was to leave, Jace asked her to dinner and Cambri soon realized it was a goodbye dinner. Had she just managed to fall in love again with someone who was going to reject her. Again.
Would they ever right the wrong that was done so many years ago? Would they quit running from each other? With the waves of each new memory will they make their way back to each other or lose each other forever and never right the wrongs done so many years ago.







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