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Mr. Doyle gives us so many examples of Christians who literally, choose God.  They are given a choice, choose life, or choose God.

Could you?  I know what I hope I would choose, however, when it comes right down to it, would I choose God?

One man says it would be an honor to die for Jesus by crucifixion.  Syrians live with that life of sacrifice. 

Remember the theater where men came in and offered a choice, either get up and walk out or die for “your” God

Just like He died for us.  Laid down His life for us, with no questions asked.  He came to earth for a purpose and that was so we wouldn’t have to lay down our lives like that

Only now, in today’s world, so many live with this decision every single day.  Not because they are missionaries that go to the ends of the earth, or pastors that teach the gospel for career, but they are simply Christians.  A choice they made to follow Christ.  Gives them the distinct decision by some, to have to make a choice in their lives.  Live for family, Die for Christ.  

This book is very hard to read.  It’s not your weekend feel good book.  It is hard.  Even though you know the reason for the book and the facts behind the book.  Having it displayed before you is a way that you never think about, because for the most part, here in America we do not have these things happening, or didn’t, however, there is no one excluded.  No place is safe.

Then you hear stories like Columbine, the church in TX, a theater in Colorado  and so many other places where Christians are given a choice. 

Claim Jesus or Live.

When father’s kill their sons, sons kill their fathers and more family kill more family.  This is the vicious cycle that people who believe in Christ go through.


Claim Jesus or live. 

All the stories were told in this book are violent, they are heart wrenching.  I strongly urge you, that if you are going to read this book, be in a good place in your own heart with Jesus Christ.  This book is not only heart wrenching, it seriously has so many parts that are just sad.  I cried my eyes out, to know that family(s) are fighting against family. Family’s praying because they know that they will soon be dead for claiming Jesus.

“Being Martyred” For Jesus.  Their blind faith in Jesus Christ something we should all strive for.  How sad that we as Christians cannot live that true, abundant faith that some Christians have and knowing that even saying the word Jesus will get them killed (not if) but will.  Just a matter of when.

I am very serious about making sure that you re in a good place.  Pray through the entire book.  Pray constantly.

The prayers that you say will land on God’s ears. 

This way of life is extremely dangerous for these people and they face it .  Remembering that it can only take one person to ask you to choose.   Jesus or Life. 

al-Qaeda, ISIS, Muslim Radicals, (that means not all Muslims are bad people) Syrians, Saddam Hussein, each leader that believes in violence in the name of put our faith at risk each day.  Whether you live in an area that has this daily or we live in America where walking into a theater can be the same risk. 

Pray for each person that Doyle brings to you in this book, their family, their life.  Whether there is martyr or they are the person behind the guns, doing the senseless slaughter, they are all Children of God, and they need our prayers, they need our forgiveness. 


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3 Responses

  1. After listening to Naghmeh Abedini talk about her husband who remains in an Iranian prison, it put this issue more to the front of my thinking. Thank you for sharing.


  2. It just makes you realize how blessed we are here in the US that we can be believers and be safe!


  3. An important book though! We can get lost in our own little worlds sometimes. A good companion book might be “Dreams & Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World.” God is among us. All of us.


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