In The Heart Of The Dark Woods – Review

I received a copy of this book for my honest opinion.

you can purchase the book here”:

“In the Heart of the Dark Woods” is the third book in a series about people and events that occur in the town of Mattingly–more specifically the woods. This installment begins two years after “The Devil Walks in Mattingly” left off. Twelve year old Allie Ganderson is still grieving the loss of her mother who disappeared in the wild tornado winds. Her body was never recovered and Allie can’t rest not knowing what happened to her mother.

They run into some creepy … creatures? Hard to say. It’s cold, and they become frostbitten. They quickly go through the handful of candy bars they brought. They have a few conversations about God having “sharp edges” (to me, this felt added-on to make it a “Christian” book — it’s published by Thomas Nelson, but didn’t strike me as overly Christian in feel.

If reading a really long story about kids lost in the woods resolves as a great book to you go for it.  To me it was a horrible book


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