Prayers for Your Children: 90 Days of Heartfelt Prayers for Children of Any Age – Review

Have you ever thought about why you pray for your children, or even how to pray for your children?
You pray for their health, their safety, their friends, their school work, their future spouses, future kids, future grandchildren. You pray. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, but you as a parent know that you need to pray.
But praying takes on a whole new level when you know why!
Praying for your children is split up into different weeks. Based on Different overall subjects like, Knowing Mom’s Gift, Growing Marks in God’s Doorway, Fruitful, the Mess and the Message. Just to name a few. I loved the way that the book was split up into bigger subjects,  daily you are given messages based on a certain way to pray for each day.
Banks takes the book and splits it up into practical advice like this based on a verse a subject that intertwines with our prayer life for our kids and breaks it down into a short devotional that is easy to read, easy to relate too and easy to recognize (in the Bible); One of my favorites, Day 69, Crouching Sin and Singing Angels. What a fun title to read about your kids with! Based on Genesis 4:7 that says Sin is crouching at your door, it desires to rule over you, but you must win over it
Can you imagine if parents everywhere started praying for their children to WIN OVER SIN?
What a world we would live in!


So this is the kind of things we should want to pray over our children. Sometimes, parents can just talk to God and ask them to protect their children as eloquently as anything but sometimes, parents do not know what to say, or even how to say it effectively. It’s all right there for you, even up to the Bible verses that go along right there with it
I will use this book over and over and especially when times are rough. My children are all grown, however, the subjects still relate or they are easy to be able to move it from a young child to an adult child in some format. That and then grandchildren. This devotional can be used for generations and used by generations. If you need something simple, practical and Godly










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