Let God Speak Through You – Review

Disclaimer:  I received an advanced reader copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review.

How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?  –

What God Wants Us Tp Hear When We Talk To Our Kids by Rachael Carman


I took 4 of my grandchildren on a mini-vacation this weekend.  Sortof.  The joke was on me.  The ages of said grandchildren are 12, 11, 10 and 9.  the oldest three are girls.  Two sisters and then a sister and brother.  Let me tell you, I had a truly eye opening weekend.  Through no fault of their own, these kids have been through some major trials in their young lives. 

But they are all Christians, they are all straight A-B students, great behavior, excel in things like Music, Basketball, UIL, Football and just about anything they touch. 

Their personalities, are 1) perfectionist 2) slob 3)wanna be the boss 4) and is the boss (as long as I let him think he is)

Anyway, that being said.  There were 6 of us in a hotel room that was about 300 sq feet.  Less than 24 hours.  Let me just say, a 30000 sq ft home would not have been big enough 🙂

I’m telling you all of this because when I came home, I came home in tears at my behavior to them.  My “reactions” were horrible.  There was yelling, crying, so many things that were inappropriate for them..  I was abusive with my words.  I am appalled at my actions, and very embarrassed.

After lots of prayer and then reading a book called How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You; I KNEW I had to apologize to these beautiful children. 

These kids are my life and my heart.  While that doesn’t excuse their behavior this weekend, I know my words were horrible.  I listened to myself in retrospect, and I am so glad that my heavenly father does not talk to me the way I need to be spoken too.

Or I would probably tell Him what they told me,  “we don’t want to go anywhere overnight with you anymore”

Talk about straight to the heart.  But they are right.  We do this to God every single day.  Until you listen to him, and I mean really listen to Him, your voice (general voice) is going to sting.  Sometimes, you need to just keep your mouth shut, be still and let Him do the talking to you.    Let HIM say the words.  Let HIM speak through you. 

Rachel Carman goes through this in her book How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You

With a heart to heart with God and a heart to heart with my grandchildren, I pray that my words will be soft, gentle, loving, and be words that God talks to me with.

I love these kids so very much.  I have apologized face to face to them.  Now today is library day and church and my day to pick them up after school.  I pray that my words are kind, loving and respectful.

I am off to write some apology letters and put the words in writing so that they can see and not just hear me talk.  They heard enough this weekend.  Now they and I need to hear God and come back to a place where we are  walking with the King together. That means, our words to each other should be our best.  If you can’t talk your best to your family, who should you give those loving words too.  God gives us so many words to say and the love behind it.  We must follow his example and mold ourselves like Him.

So when I go to them today, please pray with me that they get my best, because they deserve every single bit of respect I can give them.


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12 Responses

  1. That’s a great lesson learned.

    There is a great blog post out by Sally Clarkson from 2011: that is titled. Do you Wake Up to your Children or For your Children, it’s great stuff

    So choosing to Choose Joy everyday. Makes a world of difference



  2. Ouch! Such a painful lesson, but there is so much good that will come of this. I used to have a bad attitude toward my kids and I was screaming at them to get ready one morning, when the realization of what I was doing to them hit me hard. It took routine adjustments, prayer and faith, but it’s been years since I yelled at them in the mornings anymore. And it’s made a HUGE difference in their hearts – and mine. Keep up the good work!

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  3. Looks like a great book!! If only I had a $1 for every time!! ha/ha

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  4. Thank you so much! My grandkids are my world and I want to give them everything I am except what is God’s! Kim you would love the book!


  5. Thank you for visiting! One of the better reads I’ve had lately!!!


  6. Great article. I love that you said they deserve every bit of you. That is something we all aspire to for our family.

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  7. I have read this too and so adored it! I will be sharing it with other mom friends!

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  8. Thank you so much for visiting. I was really surprised with this book, but it will be a re-read!


  9. Thank you for visiting! This book is one I will read again and again


  10. I love that you are writing them letters. You know, I cannot say that I do not make mistakes as a mom- I do. Often. But I do always try to tell my son I’m sorry when necessary. How are we supposed to teach our kids about taking responsibility for their words if we do not!

    Thanks for the review, I will certainly have to look into this one!

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  11. What a beautiful lesson you’re offering them by apologizing. It takes humility. And I like the idea of writing it down. I hope it went well!

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  12. It’s so hard for me sometimes to keep quiet. It’s often the right thing to do though. 🙂

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