Deborah Raney’s ‘Two Roads Home- 5-Book Giveaway

Two Roads Home Deborah Raney


When you have an Inn, your life revolves around it… When you have a family, your live revolves around your family.  For Grant and Audrey, the proprietors of Chicory Inn, their lives revolve around both.  Trying to leave every Tuesday open for coveted dinners with a family of three daughters and their families, Grant and Audrey hit obstacle after obstacle.

The writer develops each character in their own little way, however Corinne and Jesse (the innkeeper’s daughter and son-in law) are the main focus of Book 2; Two Roads Home: A Chicory Inn Novel


Jesse’s job requires travel.  During the said travel there are many instances where he must travel with another woman.  This travel deems to be the downfall for them.  Jesse doesn’t realize it, but his personality, being charming, flirtatious and just being himself, drives his career right into the crash course of an oncoming disaster

Does their marriage have what it takes to weather some rough patches? New froTweet: Does their marriage have what it takes to weather some rough patches? New from @AuthorDebRaney + a book #giveaway! @AuthorDebRaney + a book #giveaway!

this quote from the book is has so much truth in it and I know it has become a proactive quote in my journals now.

“There’s never a perfect time for change. Sometimes you just have to do it.”

With the love of a great family, a great wife, a great support system, can Jesse come back from the brink of disaster on so many levels, emotionally,, physically and legally.

Can Corinne save her marriage and her family with God’s help!  God is so powerful in His attempts to get us to see what He is trying to show us, even using the hardest lesson of all to show others peace, love and happiness. Check out Two Roads Home: A Chicory Inn Novel – Book 2, to find just what course they take and how this book can help you with heart promises and heart pains.  There are discussion questions at the end, so it would make a great Book Club choice, as well as it is a very good stand-alone book. I didn’t even realize it was a series until I went to write my review and saw the complete title!   The author does a great job of character building and writing the book in a stand-alone point of view.  I love that about series also.  You can read more about Deborah Raney and this series A Chicory Inn Novel

I highly recommend this book.  I received a copy from Litfuse in exchange for my honest review

Two Roads Home Deborah Raney

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