Organizing with Washi Tape

i am a very disorganized person.   I mean truly disorganized.

So anything that helps me stay organized or makes my life simpler, I’m game.

I have this obsession with Washi tape. Only I’m al cheap.   So I get to fulfil my obsession at Dollar Tree for two rolls of tape for $1.00!!

My cheap Roll Of Tape!

Then I get to organize my day planner that I LOVE (thank you to Mardel Christian Stores

So how do I make my life simpler

I take the tape and put it down at the bottom of the page on weeks that are complete like this 


(This one is an example only!) 

And on uncompleted weeks I leave it off, so at just the feel of my hand, I know exactly where I am.

Something so incredibly simple, but has made my life even simpler!!

Thanks Dollar Tree and Mardel!  And whoever makes this cheap tape.

Voila, easy, breezy, way to keep a simple thing even simpler!!  For that I am all over it!!! 

d6bc0b15b6027fc2555cbf30557eefd8 (1)


2 Responses

  1. What a fun way to add some organization into your life!


  2. Lovely post! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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