Now and Forever – #BookReview


Now and Forever
by Connealy, Mary
Bethany House
Bethany House Publishers

Christian, Romance

After Shannon Wilde literally follows mountain man Matthew Tucker over a cliff, can they learn to live together–for better or worse?

After going over the cliff, Shannon and Tucker get trapped in a cave after being swept down river.  After being together night and day for several days.  Having to deal with bugs, caves, no daylight, very little food, no shelter, other than the cave itself and all the things that go with this when strangers are stuck together, Shannon and Tucker face things that are deadly, beautiful, and scary, just among some of those things, like bears, a dark cave, and whether they can get out and “fireflies’

After realizing that the fireflies they are seeing are twinkling stars above they realize that they have found a way out from being stuck in the cave forever

Open being rescued however, they face a whole new set of stressful circumstances  What is going to get them safe from the troubles they face, safe from each other and safe with each other.

Check this book out to see how they survive all the tests and trials that they go through.

My opinions of Now and Forever

For me, the book seemed very unrealistic but that is the entire nature of fiction.  So using your imagination and giving the author creative license, this book has so much of that creative licensing!  While it was a quick fast, fairly clean read, I just found it to be very over the top in what the reader was to believe.

Now all that being said, for what it is, the book was good.  Now and Forever, by Mary Connealy will let you use your imagination and bring some very thoughtful moments to mind.

2 Responses

  1. That was my thing, just way to dramatic! I guess that’s why it’s fiction!!

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  2. Hmm, it’s very important that the book stays believable, to me at least! Still, sounds like a really interesting story, will check it out.


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