Picture Perfect Love #BookReview


Jenna Harrison is a photographer from Sweetwater, Washington. Her photography shop is Picture Perfect Love. While Jenna is a great wedding photographer. Her own wedding became a disaster when her fiancé of two years, Ash Vance, walked away from her at the altar. He stood up in front of everyone, asked for his grandmother’s ring back and then blamed her for something she didn’t do. This book follows her path after going two years without a word from Ash. See what happens next in Picture Perfect Love by Melissa McClone.

So for two years, Jenna worked hard at bringing her photography business back to the way it was before Ash destroyed her life, left her with 1000’s of dollars in wedding deposits and bills to pay as well as send back all the gifts and deal with all the fallout from canceling a wedding last-minute.

Had it not been for her brother Colton, Jenna really had no idea where she would be. That and the pastor and his wife at Sweetwater Community Church. She ran into the church one day trying to get out of a rainstorm and never looked back. Pastor Dan and his wife, Trish, taught Jenna about forgiveness, and second chances.

Ash comes back into Jenna’s life when he is seeking forgiveness and a wedding photographer for his spoiled little sister Amber and Toby’s wedding. Amber’s photographer was placed on complete bed-rest, so she asked Ashton to ask Jenna to photograph Amber’s wedding. He apologized to Jenna and Jenna knew that because of her second chances, she had to accept, although, she was very leery. She agreed to the wedding on very specific terms. Help with a youth trust building outing at the church, double her fee and she would do the wedding;
With the trust building activities in full swing Jenna learns a lot about herself and her total lack of trust. She knew she could go no further unless everyone vowed to be honest, put her first in everything and then go forward with her life.

What happens next leaves you on your seat waiting for more. Will she ever fully trust Ashton and will he ever. fully give her the complete faith she expects? Read this sweet novella to find out what happens. Melissa McClone keeps you wanting more!
Picture Perfect Love by Melissa McClone is book #7 in a yearlong series about weddings called A Year of Weddings.



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3 Responses

  1. nice review!


  2. cover’s interesting


  3. read this or any book by Melissa McClone and I promise you won’t go away unhappy!


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