Bible Journaling

Well, I have always loved to draw and doodle as well as always journaled.  With my old Bible, I would do whatever I could with it because it was not a journaling Bible.

I ordered this one and it took a few mths to get here.  I studied Illustrated Faith/Bible Journaling.

So after getting the Bible I prayed over it so much because I 1) am not creative and 2) am no artist!!
Then I saw a page that dedicated that Bible to certain things.
TOTALLY stole the ideas and this is what I did

I vowed that perfection was NOT my need. (I am a perfectionist) and we’ll I needed to let that go.
So I started with the most obvious John 3:16

And then did some of my favorite verses.

I only use twistable crayons at this point (that letting go thing there)
As well as colored pencils.

When you let go of the perfection then you see the worship…  for me that us the whole point I wanted!!
Another way to worship!!

I use Micron Pens, Twistable Crayons and map pencils as well as acid free felt tip markers, right now and that’s it so far as I’m not comfortable with myself yet,



First pic John 3:16


Hebrews 6:19


Galatians 3:26



My dedication page to Dedicate the Bible to God and Worship

The next one dedicates that page to my best friend that is deployed and my Bible study partner


This page is to fix a mess uo


And this page my favorite if all is an idea I stole (totally) making me aware everything I open it that perfection is not allowed only worship
And it by far is my favorite so far


I’ve had my Bible about a mth so far and this is all I have done but my old Bible looks like a Journaling Bomb went off in it.  But it’s not a journaling Bible.  The kids “told on me” all the time.  “Memaw wrote in and colored in her Bible!!!!”
I showed them the jest of it on Pinterest and told them that it was okay to do this

(The old Bible) a couple pages



4 Responses

  1. This is too cool. I’m jealous over doodlers and drawers because that isn’t something I can do. clouds and hearts. thats about it. yay YOU.


  2. When I saw the title of your blog post I thought, “Oh my goodness. I just joined a scripture journaling Facebook group this week!” It’s amazing how God works in the small details. I’m also not an artist, so at first I wasn’t going to post pics until I felt I had improved. But then, I, too, had to let go of the idea of being good/great at this form of art before sharing with others. Thanks for the post! #BloggerCareGroup


  3. Oh Laura, I know how you felt because I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to starting new things. But you definitely overcame that. Good for you you have started and started well. #BloggerCareGroup


  4. This is beautiful and what a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing! Blessings from #bloggercaregroup


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