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Doug Wilson. in 9 Writers to Read Nine Names That Belong On Your Bookshelf, tries to convey two very distinct things.

1) he loves C S Lewis
2) for you to put his book down when you are finished and start reading the writers he recommends and each book he recommends.

      These 9 Writers are:
            1). G E Chesterton
            2).  H L Mencken
            3).  P G Woderhouse
            4).  T S Eliot,
            5).  J R R Tolkien
            6).  C S Lewis
            7).  R F Capone
            8).  M S Robinson
            9).  N D Wilson

These are clearly 9 very fantastic authors.   I agree these are a very select group of authors.
Ones that I also believe everyone should read.
This author’s explanations for why they should be read are very thorough and extremely intense.
I had to sit with a dictionary at the ready.   His descriptions, while very thorough were also, way above my pay grade 😯😯
There were MANY words I Had to look up, just to make sure I was on the same page as him literally!
So for me, loved the content
I didn’t like the delivery

The book still had great content and was just fantastically written,  There are 100’s of other authors that I would include in this list of people you just NEED to read, however the limits of this book were 9 writers

So I urge you to read this book, if you are not familiar with any of these authors.  The way I feel, just read and you can buy all of your books at Family Christian!  Here is a link that will show you just what types of books you can get at Family Christian!

As you can see, Family Christian has a vast array of books for all different types of readers, 

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Douglas Wilson (MA, University of Idaho) is a pastor, a popular speaker, and the author of many books, including Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning and The Case for Classical Christian Education. He helped to found Logos School in Moscow, Idaho, and is a fellow of philosophy and classical languages at New St. Andrews College.

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