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Have you ever wondered what happens to your identity once you click enter on any social media?

I’m not talking about your financial or physical identity (although that is a real issue and I strongly suggest you find a great resource in protecting yourself that way also)  

I’m talking about your spiritual identity.

Just what do you do online.   Do you hide behind a screen name and become a narcissist with others or do you hide behind a screen name and degrade yourself because if the unrealistic views we see on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?


How many people do you really know in life that do have that perfect life?

Whether it be they have it all?   Or that they think they have it all.

Pinterest can destroy your self-esteem if you allow it too.  Facebook can become a place where people bulky each other and then hide behind a screen name because they say these huge, grandeur things that destroy people.   That if truth be good, they would NEVER ever consider saying in life.


Jessica Fralin takes us to the brink if learning how to protect your own spiritual identity.   Not giving up social media.   Now very, learning how to take a step back and say, God, will what I post, tweet , pin
glorify you?

Can you imagine just what you could do if everything you tweeted, posted, liked on Facebook or pinned on Pinterest, became about choosing joy, and choosing to  put a positive, spiritual (not necessarily shoving it down people’s throats) line of social media interactions.

I mean everything you liked, every page you visited, every status you commented on and what you comments was something that you make a decision, each time you hit enter, that you say Lord, will what I say here lift someone up and make them see You in m or will others realize that you have stolen your own identity, BT giving in to your own pressure of social media perfectionism?

As I thought about what Fralin said about her Pinterest account I got to thinking about some of the boards I had, Dream Home, Let’s Go, DIY Crafts and things like that.   Knowing full well at my age, I will never buy another home (financially it’s not sound) and if I put in it the things I pinned it would cost about a million dollars.

images (3)
See where I’m going here.   Are you setting yourself up for failure with your OWN social media content.   In context taking away the truths that God has already given you.

You are beautiful, you are loved.   You are valued.


Have you #stolen your own identity?

You need to check Fralin’s book #Stolen out and learn just where you can stop , learn skem positive ways to take the focus back to Gid and learn to listen to Him.
He set the oath for your identity before you were ever though of.

Think of the Bible as the perfect Board on Pinterest.   The Life hacks, the quotes, the perfect ways to live your life, treat others , treat yourself…..
.while this book isn’t a book to make you give up social media.   Its purpose it’s to make you think.   Long and hard about what you say, do, think, feel etc about every aspect of social media.


It also sets up guidelines to help you decide when you need to take a break.   Change the way you post or even better yet, be still and listen to Gid’s word, instead of the world’s.



Jessica Fralin

Jessica Fralin is an author & blogger in Nashville, Tennessee. Whether speaking from a platform or typing away on jessicafralin.com, her heart is to convey the message of love, acceptance, and worth that can only be found in the gospel. On any given day, you can find her holding a book or a latte and passionately teaching others who they are―and why it matters―when it comes to social media.

Find out more about Jessica at http://jessicafralin.com.
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