This whole post has a different meaning for me now. I know that ultimately the idea was Sara Frankl’s in her book Choose Joy that you can purchase here.

I never put two and two together back in March.
Sara was a remarkable woman.

Who had a life cut short, but never chose anything but Joy!image


Go check her out!!! You will WANT to be better because of her and the life she chose to lead!

To think, just months before this book came out and without putting two and two together with my memory as shot as it is, I’ve known there was something in the back of my mind that was bothering me, but I couldn’t figure it out.  As I came back to write this post for a book launch team that I was on, for the #ChooseJoyBook, I finally realized (well I always, knew, just couldn’t pull the memories) that Sara, or GitznGirl was the reason, I knew #ChooseJoy.  I read Sara’s blog before she passed and I can tell you that I don’t think I was ever so blessed.  You see, Sara lived with Ankylosing Spondylitis. It’s a genetic, systemic, autoimmune disease… which means it’s hereditary, it can affect pretty much any system in your body and it all stems from your own immune system attacking me.

Sara also had allergies, very severe allergies.

God has blessed me with an incredible online community that I can lean on.  Gitz, or Sara, was the person that others wanted to model their lives after, they wanted to be Sara!!

I am so grateful to have read her blog for the time I did.  Also for the gift of friendship and love that everyone shows to each other during the hard times, the easy times.
Sara Frankl made an amazing impact on my life while she was alive.

Make Choose Joy a book that you will add to your reading list for 2016. It releases Jan 5, 2016, and you can prebuy it now! 

Sara is why I Choose Joy!


Now, here is the blog post I wrote back in March of this year.

Even though it mentions other resources, the term Choose Joy was all from Sara.

I Love that there are so many people and so many resources that help me and others to live their life and Choose Joy.

Talk to me!!!

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